Oliver-Sven BUDER

Oliver-Sven Buder - Germany - Silver medals three and four in 1998 & 1999.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 21 August 1999

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      Thursday, 23 June 1966
      Erlabrunn, Germany.
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Oliver-Sven BUDER - Germany - Silver medals three and four in 1998 & 1999.


After having produced his first 21-metre shot put in 1990, Oliver-Sven Buder did not reach that distance again until the 1997 World Championships, where he won the silver medal with a throw of 21.24m. Having successfully reacquainted himself with that distance, Buder embarked on a virtual 21-metre throwing spree during the 1998 indoor season. At Erfurt, on 4 February, five of his six throws, including his longest of 21.16m, were over 21 metres. He exceeded that barrier again at two other meets on 14 and 21 February, before producing a massive throw of 21.47m to win the European Indoor title at Valencia on 28 February. Buder did not better 21 metres in the outdoor season, but as he had done on many previous occasions, he produced his best effort at the right time, finishing second behind Aleksandr Bagach (Ukraine) at the European Championships in Budapest with his season's best throw of 20.98m.


At the 1999 World Championships in Seville, held on 21 August, Buder (see photo above) took the lead in round two with a throw of 21.03m. He held that lead through round three, and then exploded with a huge throw in round four to record his lifetime personal best of 21.42m, although it was slightly shorter than his indoor best of 21.47m. It seemed that Buder was finally going to win at a major international championships when his 21.42m throw was still well clear of the field after the completion of round five, until C. J. Hunter (USA), nabbed the gold medal from Oliver-Sven with his final throw of 21.79m. By 2000, age appeared to be finally catching up with Buder, although he still managed to finish 8th at that year's Olympic Games. However, he failed to qualify for the final at the following year's World Championships in Edmonton. (Ron Casey)


Men's Shot Put final.

European Athletics Championships 1998

1. Aleksandr BAGACH   UKR   21.17    
2. Oliver- Sven BUDER   GER   20.98     
3. Yuriy BELONOG   UKR   20.92
4. Dragan PERIC   YUG   20.65
5. Paulo DAL SOGLIO   ITA   20.50
6. Mika HALVARI   FIN   20.33
7. Manuel MARTINEZ   ESP   20.02
8. Michael MERTENS   GER   19.67



Men's Shot Put Final.

World Athletics Championships 1999

1. C.J. HUNTER   USA   21.79
2. Oliver-Sven BUDER   GER   21.42
3. Aleksandr BAGACH   UKR   21.26    
4. Andy BLOOM   USA   20.95    
5. Yuriy BELONOG   UKR   20.60    
6. Dragan PERIC   YUG   20.35    
7. John GODINA   USA   20.35    
8. Ville TIISANOJA   FIN   19.93