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Andrew BUTCHART - Great Britain & N.I. - 2021 GBR Olympic Team

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 13 July 2021

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      Monday, 14 October 1991
      Dunblane, Scotland.
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Andrew BUTCHART - Great Britain & N.I. - 2021 GBR Olympic Team

Andrew Butchart running in the 3,000m at the British Grand Prix / Diamond League meeting at Gateshead,

where he broke the Scottish record for the distance.



1. Mohamed KATIR ESP 7:27.64

2. Stewart MCSWEYN AUS 7:28.94

3. Andrew BUTCHART GBR 7:35.18 (Scottish Record)

4. Jacob KROP KEN 7:35.34

5. Matthew RAMSDEN AUS 7:35.65

6. Patrick DEVER GBR 7:37.39

7. Michael KIBET KEN 7:37.80


Andrew Butchart leading the 5,000m field on the last lap of the

2021 UK Championships in Manchester. He finished second but still

qualified for a place on GBR's '2020' Olympic Team. Andrew was sixth

in the event at the 2016 Rio Games five years earlier.

2021 Men's 5,000m UK Championships Final.


1    Patrick DEVER           PRESTON (GBR) 13:37.30

2    Andrew BUTCHART     CENTRAL AC (GBR) 13:38.16

3    Jack ROWE                   AFD AC (GBR) 13:38.81

4   Jonathan DAVIES           READING (GBR) 13:39.75

5   Sam ATKIN                     LINC W (GBR) 13:46.25 SB

6   Charles HICKS               SHAFT'BURY (GBR) 13:50.71