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Keely HODGKINSON - Great Britain & N.I. - 2021 UK Champions & GBR Olympic Team.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 27 June 2021

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      Sunday, 03 March 2002
      Wigan, England.
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Keely HODGKINSON - Great Britain & N.I. - 2021 UK Champions & GBR Olympic Team.

Nineteen year old Keely Hodgkinson winning the 2021 UK 800m Championships

in Manchester. Victory assured her a place in the 2020 Olympic team for

Great Britain in Tokyo.

Running in Ostrava in June she set a new European U20 record of 1:58.89.

Then on 4th July she improved it to 1:57.51 at the Stockholm Diamond League.


Final women's 800m. 2021 UK Championships.


1.   Keely HODGKINSON       LEIGH H  (GBR) 1:59.61

2.   Jemma REEKIE                 KILBARCHAN  (GBR) 2:00.12

3.   Laura MUIR                       DUNDEE  (GBR) 2:00.24

4.   Ellie BAKER                      SHAFT'BURY  (GBR) 2:01.47

5.   Alexandra BELL                PUDSBRAML  (GBR) 2:01.48

6.   Adelle TRACEY                GU&GO  (GBR) 2:02.10

7.   Isabelle BOFFEY              ENFIELD  (GBR) 2:04.81


A quick change of her 'bib'. From Hodgkinson to Champion.


She had already become a champion earlier in the year.


2021 European Indoor Championships.  Women's 800m Final

Toruń, Poland.  March 2021.

1.   Keely Hodgkinson      Great Britain   2:03.88

2.   Joanna Jóźwik              Poland             2:04.00

3.   Angelika Cichocka        Poland             2:04.15

4.   Ellie Baker                    Great Britain     2:04.40

5.   Lore Hoffmann              Switzerland      2:04.84

6.   Isabelle Boffey              Great Britain     2:07.26