Assunta Legnante - Italy - 2007 European Indoors Shot Put Gold Medal.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 04 March 2007

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      Sunday, 14 May 1978
      Napoli, Italy
  • Italy
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Assunta LEGNANTE - Italy - 2007 European Indoors Shot Put Gold Medal.

The pictures above shows Assunta during her gold medal winning effort

of 18.92m and then celebrating her fine put at the 2007 European

Indoor Athletics Championships in Birmingham.

Her personal best throw is 19.04 metres, achieved in September 2006

in Busto Arsizio. Her best indoor result is 19.20 metres, achieved

in February 2002 in Genova.


Womens Shot Put Final.

2007 European Indoor Champs.

1. Assunta Legnante   ITA   18.92m
2. Irina Khudoroshkina   RUS   18.50m
3. Olga Ryabinkina   RUS   18.16m
4. Yulia Leantsiuk   BLR   18.10m
5. Laurence Manfredi   FRA   18.02m
6. Anna Omarova   RUS   17.98m
7. Jessica Cerival   FRA   16.51m
8. Helena Engman   SWE   16.09m



Legnante was born with congenital glaucoma in both eyes. In 2009 she suddenly

lost the sight in her better, right eye. Her left retina then deteriorated.

She had a cataract removed in March 2012, but that did not improve her sight.

She then started a new career as a Paralympic athlete and at the 2012 Olympic Games

in London won the F11 shot put with a World Record of 16.74m, In 2014 she improved

this with throws of 17.09m and 17.39m.