Samson Kimobwa - Kenya - World 10,000m record at 21

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 23 July 1977

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      Thursday, 15 September 1955
      Bomet, Kenya. Died 16th. January 2013, Aged 57.
  • Kenya
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Samson KIMOBWA - Kenya - World 10,000m record at 21


The difference between a permanent niche in sporting history and obscurity can sometimes be minute, and in the case of Samson Kimobwa it amounted to a mere 0.3sec at Helsinki on 30 June 1977. Kimobwa was one of several Kenyan athletes, which included the legendary Henry Rono, who attended Washington State University in the late 1970's. Kimobwa had little form to speak of prior to 1977, and even his performances in the early part of that season gave no inkling of the surprise he produced at the World Games in Helsinki on 30 June. Competing against a quality field in the 10,000m, Kimobwa was setting a reasonable pace in the early stages, but only the wildest speculators would have been suggesting a world record at that point. Indeed, after 3km, Kimobwa was 5.9sec behind the pace set by David Bedford (Great Britain) during his 27min 30.5sec world record set in 1973.


After another three kilometres all covered in around 2min 47sec each, Kimobwa was 9.7sec behind Bedford's schedule. Samson then proceeded to tear the race apart, by blitzing the 7th and 8th kilometres in 2min 41.7sec and 2min 43.1sec respectively. This placed him 1.5sec ahead of Bedford's pace at 8km, and, although he slowed in the final kilometre, he finished in 27min 30.5sec, breaking Bedford's world record by 0.3sec. Kimobwa's record led to a flood of invitations from meet directors all over Europe, most of which he accepted, including competing in the 5000m at the British AAA Championships in London (Crystal Palace) on 23 July (see photo above), where he finished third.


Although he ran another 10000m in 27min 37sec only three days after Helsinki, his performances deteriorated gradually from that point. Most attributed his demise to over-racing, and his subsequent athletic achievements came nowhere near his world record performance. (Ron Casey)

After his running career, he became a schoolteacher and coached athletes like Ismael Kirui and Boaz Cheboiywo.


Kimobwa died aged 57 in a Nairobi hospital on Wednesday 16th. January 2013, after being admitted the previous day with a stomach ailment.