Kacper Kozlowski - Poland - 2007 World Championships 4x400m bronze.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 02 September 2007

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      Sunday, 07 December 1986
      Olsztyn, Poland
  • Poland
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Kacper KOZLOWSKI - Poland - 2007 World Championships 4x400m bronze.

The main photo above shows a delighted Kacper, arms outstretched in triumph,

shortly after crossing the line to win the bronze medal for Poland in the final of

the men's 4x400m at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka.

The inset picture shows Kozlowski celebrating with his delighted team mates.

Men's 4x400m. Relay Final. 2007 World Athletics Championships
1. United States (LaShawn Merritt; Angelo Taylor; Darold Williamson; Jeremy Wariner) 2: 55.56
2. Bahamas (Avard Moncur; Michael Mathieu; Andrae Williams; Chris Brown) 2: 59.18
3. Poland (Marek Plawgo; Daniel Dabrowski; Marcin Marciniszyn; Kacper Kozlowski) 3: 00.05
4. Jamaica (Michael Blackwood; Ricardo Chambers; Leford Green; Sanjay Ayre) 3: 00.76
5. Russia (Maksim Dyldin; Vladislav Frolov; Konstantin Svechkar; Denis Alekseyev) 3: 01.62
6. Great Britain & N.I. (Andrew Steele; Robert Tobin; Richard Buck; Martyn Rooney) 3: 02.94
7. Dominican Republic (Felix Sánchez; Yoel Tapia; Carlos Santa; Arismendy Peguero) 3: 03.56
8. Germany (Ingo Schultz; Simon Kirch; Kamghe Gaba; Bastian Swillims) 3: 07.40