Michelle COLLINS

Michelle Collins - U.S.A. - 2003 World Indoors Gold 200m medal.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 15 March 2003

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      Friday, 12 February 1971
      Canal Zone, Panama
  • U.S.A.
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Michelle COLLINS - U.S.A. - 2003 World Indoors Gold 200m medal.

The photo above shows Michelle (lane 6) about to cross the line to take the Gold in the 200m

at the 2003 World Indoors Championships.


Women's 200m Final.

2003 World Indoor Championships

1. Michelle Collins   USA   22.18
2. Muriel Hurtis   FRA   22.54
3. Anastasiya Kapachinskaya   RUS   22.80
4. Juliet Campbell   JAM   22.80
5. Cydonie Mothersill   CAY   23.18
6. Natalya Safronnikova   BLR   23.61



Her 22.18 time would have been an American record, but it was never ratified. Her career came to an end when she was handed an 8-year suspension for using Performance-enhancing drugs, after she was linked to the BALCO Scandal.

She never tested positive but admitted using THG and EPO. Her results were retroactively disqualified. After some legal wrangling, Collins threatened to appeal the decision by USADA. She agreed to drop her appeal and her suspension was reduced to the more conventional 4-year ban. Her official best indoor 200m was 23.91 in 1999 (Budapest)