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Ryan CROUSER - U.S.A. - Shot put silver at 2019 World Championships.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 05 October 2019

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      Friday, 18 December 1992
      Boring, Oregon, U.S.A..
  • U.S.A.
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Ryan CROUSER - U.S.A. - Shot put silver at 2019 World Championships.

2016 Olympic Champion Ryan Crouser managed legal puts over 22 metres.

But it was his final effort that nearly stole the show - 22.90m but not quite

22.91m. Thus he won the silver because his second best effort (22.71m)

bettered Tomas Walsh's only other legal effort (22.56m). But it was Joe Kovacs

who went away The Champion, from what may have been the greatest

shot contest in history.


2019 World Championships. Doha, Qatar.

Final men's shot put.

 1.   Joe Kovacs   United States 
 2.   Ryan Crouser   United States
 22.90   PB  
 3.   Tomas Walsh   New Zealand  22.90   AR  
 4.   Darlan Romani   Brazil  22.53    
 5.   Darrell Hil   United States  21.65    
 6.   Konrad Bukowiecki   Poland  21.46    
 7.   Jacko Gill   New Zealand  21.45    
 8.   Chukwuebuka Enekwechi 
  Nigeria  21.18    


On 19th June 2021 Ryan Crouder set a new World Record at the

US Olympic trials with a throw of 23.37m, breaking the previous record

of 23.12m set  by compatriot Randy Barnes in 1990.

2020 Olympic Games. Tokyo.

Final men's shot putt.

 1.   Ryan Crouser   United States 
 2.   Joe Kovacs   United States
 3.   Tomas Walsh   New Zealand  22.47  SB
 4.   Darlan Romani   Brazil  21.88  SB  
 5.   Zane Weir   Italy  21.41.

 6.   Kyle Blignaut   South Africa  21.00

 7.   Armin Sinančević   Serbia  20.89

 8.   Mostafa Amr Hassan     Egypt  20.73