Abdul Qadir - Pakistan - Test Profile 1977-91

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 04 June 1983

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      Leg Spin, Right Hand Bat
      Thursday, 15 September 1955
      Lahore, Pakistan. Died 5th. September 2019 aged 63.
  • Pakistan
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Abdul QADIR - Pakistan - Test Profile 1977-91


Qadir, the little leg-spinner from Lahore, brought excitement back to International cricket. He was the first match-winning wrist-spinner for nearly 20 years and brought art back into the game after a long period of quick bowlers battering away, often at batsmen's heads. He made his debut as a 22 year-old when England went to Pakistan under Mike Brearley in 1977-78. His bounding approach to the wicket put joy into spectators' hearts. Don Mosey described it to a T: "The left hand goes up in salute, then he swaggers two steps, looking rather like a self-conscious child at a Sunday School concert, bounds in, bounces to the wicket and bowls. "At one time he reckoned he had four different googlies, as well as a host of other varieties and a young Shane Warne flew to Lahore to learn at the feet of the master.


He came to England in 1978 but, still learning his trade, he did not get a Test. It was several years before he was a regular in the Pakistan side. He saved his best performances for tentative England batsmen: 7-96 at the Oval in 1987, followed by 9-56 in Lahore a few months later. In that 3-match series he took 30 wickets. Australia were perplexed by 7-142 at Faisalabad in the early 1980s, when they lost by an innings. Qadir confounded the experts by playing a major role in two World Cups - in England in 1983 and in India in 1987. Again, England were favourite victims, with 4-31 in 1987. He took 5-44 against Sri Lanka at Headingley in 1983, proving he was not just a force on his home wickets. (Bob Harragan)

Abdul Qadir died on 5th. September 2019 in Lahore following a cardiac arrest, aged 63.