Alastair FORSYTH

Alastair Forsyth - Scotland - 2008 Madeira Island Open BPI (Winner)

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 25 May 2008

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      Thursday, 05 February 1976
      Glasgow, Scotland
  • Scotland
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Alastair FORSYTH - Scotland - 2008 Madeira Island Open BPI (Winner)

Alastair beat Henne Otto with a birdie on the first extra hole of the play-off.

In 2014 at the same PGA Tournament in Madeira Alistair's caddie Ian MacGregor died

on the final day of the event on the 9th hole whilst caddying for Alistair.

He was 52 and died of a apparent heart attack. Forsyth said. "He was a guy I've known for 15 years

and he was very popular amongst the caddies.

"Obviously my thoughts go out to his family. For something like that to happen so suddenly is so sad,"

he added. "He's far too young and he had no problem carrying bags around a golf course so I didn't see an awful lot wrong with him."


2008 Madeira Island Open BPI (Santo de Serra) .

1. Alastair Forsyth SCO -15 70-70-66-67
2. Henne Otto RSA -15 67-67-67-72
3. Gary Clark ENG -11 72-71-64-70
4. Sven Strüver GER -10 66-72-71-69
5. John Bickerton ENG -9 69-72-68-70
Alvaro Velasco ESP -9 73-70-68-68
Fredrik Widmark SWE -9 68-70-70-71
8. Gary Orr SCO -8 72-70-67-71
9. Martin Wiegele AUT -7 73-71-68-69
10.Sébastien Delagrange FRA -6 71-75-67-69
Ben Evans ENG -6 74-72-70-66
Peter Gustafsson SWE -6 68-73-73-68
Peter Lawrie IRE -6 75-69-69-69
Matthew Millar AUS -6 75-70-68-69