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  • The display of any of the images on another web site without our written consent is illegal. Some of the images on are available for use on other websites and those interested should contact us at the email address below. The annual fees are as follows :
  • 1 image - £175
  • 2 images - £125 each
  • 3 images - £100 each
  • 4-6 images - £75 each
  • 7-9 images - £60 each
  • 10+ images - £55 each
  • The fees above also apply if you were to only use the photo/s for a matter of days or even hours. NO ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP OR FOOTBALL LEAGUE (1992/93 season onwards) images are available.
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We would welcome any information concerning any of the above infringements.

* For private individuals 10x8 inch photographic prints can be purchased for £10 each, subject to the copyright conditions above.