Darcy GRAHAM - Scotland - International Rugby Union Caps.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 16 March 2019

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      Saturday, 21 June 1997
      Melrose, Scotland.
  • Scotland
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Darcy GRAHAM - Scotland - International Rugby Union Caps.

Darcy Graham playing his fourth game for Scotland and at the time still to enjoy a win.

The game was for the Calcutta Cup during the 2019 Six Nations Championship.

Scotland retained the Cup in an amazing match. Losing 31-0 at one stage Scotland fought

back to lead 38-31 in the 80th minute, only to see the host's score in the dying moments.

The inset image shows the England captain smashing into Darcy moments after he had

kicked up field. No penalty was given after a long deliberation.


International career: Played 19, Won 9, drawn 1, Lost 9.

2018 v Wales (Cardiff) L 7-34 (SN) (R)

2019 v France (Paris) L 10-27 (SN) (R)

2019 v Wales (Murrayfield) L 11-18 (SN)

2019 v England (Twickenham) D 38-38 (SN) !

2019 v France (Nice) L 3-32
2019 v Georgia (Tbilisi) W 43-16
2019 v Georgia (Edinburgh) W 36-9
2019 v Ireland (Yokohama) L 3-27 (World Cup) (R)
2019 v Samoa (Kobe) W 34-0 (World Cup)
2019 v Russia (Shizuoka) W 61-0 (World Cup)
2019 v Japan (Yokohama) L 21-28 (World Cup)

2020 v Georgia (Edinburgh) W 48-7
2020 v Wales (Llanelli) W 14-10 (SN)
2020 v Italy (Florence) W 28-17 (ANC)
2020 v Ireland (Dublin) L 16-31 (ANC)

2021 v Wales (Edinburgh) L 24-25 (SN)
2021 v Ireland(Murrayfield) L 24-27 (SN) (R)
2021 v Italy (Murrayfield) W 52-10 (SN)
2021 v France (Paris) W 27-23 (SN)


(R) = replacement.