Jimmy Connors - U.S.A. - 1988 onwards. U.S. Open semi-finalist in 1991, aged 39

Photo/Foto: Stuart Franklin

Date: 28 June 1989

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      Tuesday, 02 September 1952
      Belville, Illinois, U.S.A.
  • U.S.A.
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Jimmy CONNORS - U.S.A. - 1988 onwards. U.S. Open semi-finalist in 1991, aged 39


Jimmy Connors won his final professional tournament in 1989, in Isreal, six years after his last Grand Slam victory - the 1983 US Open. By then he had won 109 tournaments in a career that had seen him ranked World no. 1 for 268 weeks, 160 of those being consecutive. Altogether he won eight Grand Slam championships and must have lost count of the semi finals he reached. He was still successfully playing in the important championships (he is pictured above at Wimbledon in 1989) and as late as 1991 was still good enough to reach the semi-finals of the US Open, but his best days were many years past. Considering he had won his first professional tournament in 1972 the fact he was still a force two decades later gives a perfect indication of just how good a tennis player he was - and how he had been blessed with good health.