Troy Kemp - Bahamas - 1995 World High Jump Champion

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 08 August 1995

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      Saturday, 18 June 1966
      Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Bahamas
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Troy KEMP - Bahamas - 1995 World High Jump Champion


 During Troy Kemp's long career as a high jumper he seemed destined to always be one of the supporting cast at major international championships, until he made a major breakthrough at Gothenburg in 1995. Well before that, Troy had competed at both the 1987 World Championships and the 1988 Olympic Games, but had failed to qualify for the final on both occasions. In 1991, he improved his personal best to 2.35m in July before finishing equal fifth at the World Championships in Tokyo. He followed this with a 7th place finish at the following year's Olympic Games in Barcelona. Kemp had a much better year in 1993, starting with his equal fourth place finish at the World Indoor Championships in Toronto.


In the outdoor season, he equalled Steve Smith's (Great Britain) Commonwealth record of 2.37m on 26 June, and later that year, finished fifth at the World Championships in Stuttgart. Kemp's best year was 1995, which included a 2.38m clearance at Nice on 12 July. This was the second best mark of the year behind world record holder Javier Sotomayor's 2.40m, and equalled the new Commonwealth record which Steve Smith had set in 1994. At the World Championships at Gothenburg on 8 August, five men, including Kemp, were still in the running after they had all cleared 2.35m. Kemp and Sotomayor made the next and final height of 2.37m, but as Kemp (see photo above) had made it on his second attempt, while Sotomayor had needed three, it was Troy who was awarded the gold medal.


Unfortunately, his brief moment of glory was short-lived, and the following year he finished a disappointing 13th at the Olympics in Atlanta. Kemp continued to compete for a few more years after that, but no longer at competitive level for major championships. (Ron Casey)



2000     2.23     Boise,      06 MAY
1999     2.22     Caorle     10 JUL
1998     2.31     Torino     24 JUN
1996     2.28     Atlanta     26 JUL
1995     2.38     Nice     12 JUL (PB &  Commonwealth record)
1994     2.33     Paris     03 SEP
1993     2.37     Pau     26 JUN
1991     2.34     Tokyo  01 SEP
1987     2.24     Roma   05 SEP