Vadim Devyatovskiy - Belarus - Silver medals at 2008 Olympic Games & 2005 World Championships.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 17 August 2008

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      Sunday, 20 March 1977
      Novopolotsk, Belarus
  • Belarus

Vadim DEVYATOVSKIY - Belarus - Silver medals at 2008 Olympic Games & 2005 World Championships.

Vadim Devyatovskiy pictured above celebrating after winning the silver medal

in the final of the men'sHammer at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. 


Vadim tested positive for elevated testosterone after the hammer throw final and was disqualified

and stripped of the medal by the International Olympic Committee. However, in 2010 The Court of Arbitration

for Sport said doping the test of Devyatovskiy  was invalid because international

laboratory standards were not respected in what it said was an "unusually complex doping case".

CAS said the medal should be returned.


Men's Hammer Final. 2008 Olympic Games
1. Primoz KOZMUS   SLO   82.02m
2. Vadim DEVYATOVSKIY   BLR   81.61m
3. Ivan TIKHON   BLR   81.51m
4. Krisztian PARS   HUN   80.96m
5. Koji MUROFUSHI   JPN   80.71m
6. Olli-Pekka KARJALAINEN   FIN   79.59m
7. Szymon ZIOLOWSKI   POL   79.22m
8. Libor CHARFREITAG   SVK   78.65m



Vadim is pictured above during the final of the mens Discus at the 2007 World Championships

in Osaka. Devyatovskiy, the silver medallist at the previous World Championships,

finished just outside the medals in 4th place with a throw of 81.57m.

Photo George Herringshaw.  ©


Men's Hammer Final

2007 World Athletics Championships

1. Ivan TIKHON   BLR   83.63
2. Primo KOZMUS   SLO   82.29
3. Libor CHARFREITAG   SVK   81.60
4. Vadim DEVYATOVSKIY   BLR   81.57
5. Krisztián PARS   HUN   80.93
6. Koji MUROFUSHI   JPN   80.46
7. Szymon ZIOLKOWSKI   POL   80.09
8. Markus ESSER   GER   79.66