Derek DROUIN - Canada - 2015 World high jump champion & Olympic Gold in Rio 2016

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 30 August 2015

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      Tuesday, 06 March 1990
      Sarnia, Canada.
  • Canada
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Derek DROUIN - Canada - 2015 World high jump champion & Olympic Gold in Rio 2016

Derek Drouin celebrates clearing the bar at 2.34m to win the 2015 World

Championship high jump final in Beijing, after a protracted finale with three jumpers

all in contention for the title in a jump-off.

Having all failed three time at 2.36 after jumping 2.33 first time Droiun,
China's Zhang Guowei and Bohdan Bondarenko (on his 30th birthday) had to try and

clear the lower height of 2.34 to take the title.

Derek did the others didn't.

Mutaz Essa Barshim had also cleared 2.33, but took two attempts, so was not involved:

because two silver medals were awarded there was no third place bronze.


 CAN  2.33  
 3.  Zhang
 GUOWEI  CHI  2.33  
 4.  Mutaz Essa   
 BARSHIM  QAT  2.33  
 5.  Daniil   
 6.  Donald
 THOMAS  BAH  2.29  
 7.  Jaroslav
 BABA  CZH  2.29  
 8.  Erik
 KYNARD  USA  2.25  
 8. Gianmarco  TAMBERI  ITA  2.25



The following year at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio,  Derek again proved to be the champion

winning the men's final with 2.34m from Mutaz Essa Barshim with Bohdan Bondarenko taking

the bronze medal. Derek cleared 2.38 metres at his first attempt (plus every other height !) and

then attempted 2.40m -  once.    

Bohdan Bondarenko tried 2.40m as his third try at 2.38 (if that makes sense) having by passed 2.36m.


2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Men's high jump final.


 1.  Derek Drouin   Canada  2.38m
 2.  Mutaz Essa Barshim   Qatar  2.36m
 3.  Bohdan Bondarenko   Ukraine  2.33m
 4.  Robert Grabarz   Great Britain  2.33m
 5.  Andriy Protsenko   Ukraine  2.33m
 6.  Erik Kynard   United States  2.33m
 7.  Majededdin Ghazal   Syria  2.29m
 8.  Kyriakos Ioannou   Cyprus  2.29m


Bohdan Bondarenko