Maritza MARTEN

Maritza Marten - Cuba - 1992 Olympic Discus Champion

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 03 August 1992

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      Friday, 16 August 1963
      Havana, Cuba.
  • Cuba
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Maritza MARTEN - Cuba - 1992 Olympic Discus Champion


Maritza Marten's first major success in her long and successful career came when she won the discus title at the 1982 Pan-American Junior Championships in Barquisimeto. Maritza continued this regional success when she advanced to senior competition, finishing second at the 1983 Pan-American Games in Caracas, and then winning the gold at the 1987 edition held in Indianapolis. Later that year she competed at her first World Championships in Rome where she finished ninth. Marten was denied the opportunity of competing at the 1988 Olympic Games due to the Cuban boycott, but in the following year, she tasted some international success when she finished third at the World Cup in Barcelona, repeating her result from Canberra four years earlier.


Maritza was unable to defend her Pan-American title in early August 1991 due to a herniated disc, although she did manage to compete at the World Championships later that month where she finished in tenth place. Maritza seemed due for a change of fortune, and this came her way at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. In the final at Barcelona, on 3 August, Marten held the lead after round one with her opening throw of 65.66m. Tsvetanka Khristova (Bulgaria) took the lead in round two with a throw of 67.78m, and even though Maritza (see photo above) improved to 66.90m in round four, she still remained in second place. Marten put the result beyond doubt on her next throw, when she hurled the discus 70.06m to secure the gold medal.


On 27 September, Maritza showed that this was no fluke, by winning the gold at the World Cup in Havana with a throw of 69.30m. Maritza continued to compete for several more years after that, gaining fourth places at both the 1993 and 1995 World Championships, and regaining her Pan-American title in 1995. (Ron Casey)



1996     60.08     Atlanta  GA     28 JUL
1995     64.42     Göteborg 10 AUG
1993     64.62     Stuttgart 19 AUG
1992     70.68     Sevilla     18 JUL (PB)
1991     62.40     Tokyo  31 AUG
1987     62.00     Roma 31 AUG