Johanna KLIER

Johanna Klier - East Germany - 1980 Olympic 100m Hurdles silver

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 28 July 1980

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      Saturday, 13 September 1952
      Erfurt, Germany
  • East Germany
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Johanna KLIER - East Germany - 1980 Olympic 100m Hurdles silver


After her surprise victory in the 100m hurdles at the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where she reduced her personal best from 12.99sec to 12.77sec, Johanna Klier maintained an impressive competitive consistency amongst the world's top performers in the event, including a second place finish at the 1977 World Cup, and a gold medal at the 1978 European Championships in a new personal best time of 12.62sec. Her next major challenge came at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, where she was the defending champion. Klier was in arguably the best form of her career during 1980, but she had to contend with a lot of emerging talent, including her young countrywoman Kerstin Claus. At the East German national championships in Cottbus on 17 July, Klier set a career best time of 12.56sec in the preliminary rounds when narrowly defeating Claus (12.60sec). In the final held later the same day, their times were even faster, with Klier clocking 12.51sec to her younger opponent's 12.56sec, but the marks were not valid due to excessive wind assistance. The 100m hurdles at the Moscow Olympics was one of the events least affected by the USA led boycott, and all the world's top athletes were in attendance. The two fastest times in the semi-finals came in the second heat, which world record holder Grazyna Rabsztyn (Poland) won in 12.64sec from Klier in 12.77sec. The other semi-final was won by the Soviet Unionís Vera Komisova. In the final on 28 July, Rabsztyn got a poor start in lane 1, while Klier in lane 3 got the best start of the major contenders. Komisova, in lane 5, took the lead just after the halfway mark (see photo above), and was never headed, while Klier hung on to win the silver medal in 12.63sec. Klier retired from international athletics shortly afterwards. (Ron Casey) .

100m. Hürden Endrunde   Frauen   . Olympische Spiele 1980
1. Vera KOMISOVA   SOV   12.56 OR
2. Johanna KLIER   GDR   12.63
3. Lucyna LANGER   POL   12.65
4. Kerstin CLAUS   GDR   12.66
5. Grazyna RABSZTYN   POL   12.74
6. Irina LITOVCHENKO   SOV   12.84
7. Bettine GARTZ   GDR   12.93
8. Zofia BIELCZYK   POL   13.08