Margitta GUMMEL

Margitta Gummel - East Germany - Fine defence of Olympic crown brings a silver medal

Photo/Foto: E. D. Lacey (1922-1976)

Date: 07 September 1972

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      Sunday, 29 June 1941
      Magdeburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.
  • East Germany

Margitta GUMMEL - East Germany - Fine defence of Olympic crown brings a silver medal


 Margitta Gummel's successful international career as a shot putter during the 1960's was characterised by her rivalry with Nadezhda Chizhova (Soviet Union), producing several memorable contests between the pair at major international championships and several swappings of the world record between the two of them. Their duels continued into the early years of the 1970's, although it was soon obvious that the gap between Margitta and her younger protagonist was clearly widening in Chizhova's favour. In 1971, Gummel produced twelve of the top twenty performances of the year compared to six for Chizhova, but more tellingly, Chizhova produced five of the top six, with three of them better than Margitta's best of 20.03m.


The final of that year's European Championships at Helsinki, anticipated as another exciting duel between the two rivals, was convincingly won by Chizhova, while Gummel's expected stranglehold on one of the top two positions was challenged by countrywoman Marita Lange, whose 19.25m performance prevailed over Gummel for the silver medal by a mere 3cm. Gummel's last major international championships appearance was at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich where she competed as the defending champion. However, the Olympic final on 7 September did not start well for Gummel (see photo above), as Chizhova locked up the gold medal in the first round with a spectacular world record of 21.03m. Furthermore, Margitta was only lying in fourth place at the end of round two with a best of 18.83m. Responding like a true champion, Margitta threw 19.55m in round three to move into second place, and on her next attempt she produced a lifetime best performance of 20.22m to seal the silver medal. (Ron Casey).

 Meisterschaft Rekord 1964-72.  Margitta Gummel's shot put record at Major Championships.


Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Olympische Spiele 1964
1. Tamara PRESS   SOV   18.14m OR
2. Renate GARISCH-CULMBERGER   GDR   17.61m
3. Galina ZYBINA   SOV   17.45m
4. Valerie YOUNG-SLOPER   NZL   17.26m
5. Margitta HELMBOLDT   GDR   16.91m
6. Iryna PRESS   SOV   16.71m
7. Nancy McCREDIE   ROM   15.89m
8. Ana SALAGEAN   ROM   15.83m
Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Europameisterschaft 1966
1. Nadezhda CHIZHOVA   URS   17.22m
2. Margitta GUMMEL   GDR   17.05m
3. Marita LANGE   GDR   16.96m
4. Galina ZYBINA   URS   16.65m
5. Maria TSCHORBOVA   BUL   15.97m
6. Gertrud SCHAFER   FRG   15.95m
Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Olympische Spiele 1968
1. Margitta GUMMEL   GDR   19.61m
2. Marita LANGE   GDR   18.78m
3. Nadezhda CHIZHOVA   URS   17.78m
5. Renate BOY   GDR   17.72m
6. Ivanka KHRISTOVA   BUL   17.25m
7. Marlene FUCHS   GER   17.11m
8. Els VAN NOORDUYN   HOL   16.23m
Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Europameisterschaft 1969
1. Nadezhda CHIZHOVA   URS   20.43
2. Margitta GUMMEL   GDR   19.58
3. Marita LANGE   GDR   19.56
4. Ivanka KHRISTOVA   BUL   18.04
5. Renate BOY   GDR   17.59
6. Els van NOORDUYN   HOL   17.28
Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Europameisterschaft 1971
1. Nadezhda CHIZHOVA   URS   20.16m
2. Marita LANGE   GDR   19.25m
3. Margitta GUMMEL   GDR   19.22m
4. Antonina IVANOVA   URS   18.80m
5. Hannelore FRIEDEL   GDR   18.52m
6. Ivanka KHRISTOVA   BUL   17.78m
Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Olympische Spiele 1972
1. Nadezhda CHIZHOVA   SOV   21.03m
2. Margitta GUMMEL   GDR   20.22m
3. Ivanka KHRISTOVA   BUL   19.35m
4. Esfir DOLZHENKO   MOL   19.24m
5. Marianne ADAM   GDR   18.94m
6. Marita LANGE   GDR   18.85m
7. Helena FIBINGEROVA   CZE   18.81m
8. Yelena STOYANOVA   BUL   18.34m