Romain Mesnil - France - Championships performances in Pole Vault.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 22 August 2009

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      Wednesday, 13 July 1977
      Le Plessis Bouchard, France
  • France
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Romain MESNIL - France - Championships performances in Pole Vault.

Men's Pole Vault Final.

2009 World Athletics Championships

1. Steven HOOKER   AUS   5.90m
2. Romain MESNIL   FRA   5.85m
3. Renaud LAVILLENIE   FRA   5.80m
4. Maksym MAZURYK   UKR   5.75m
5. Aleksandr GRIPICH   RUS   5.75m
6. Damiel DOSSEVI   FRA   5.75m
7. Steven LEWIS   GBR   5.65m
7. Alexander STRAUB   GER   5.65m
7. Giuseppe GIBILISCO   ITA   5.65m




Romain  Mesnil is pictured above during the final of the mens Pole Vault at the 2007 World Championships

in Osaka. Mesnil, the silver medallist at the previous years European Championships, produced a fine

performance to win another silver medal with a seasons best vault of 5.86m.

Mesnil actually cleared the same height as the winner Brad Walker,

but disappointingly missed out on gold on the count back rule.


Men's Pole Vault Final.

2007 World Athletics Championships.

1. Brad WALKER   USA   5.86
2. Romain MESNIL   FRA   5.86
3. Danny ECKER   GER   5.81
4. Igor PAVLOV   RUS   5.81
5. Björn OTTO   GER   5.81
6. Yevgeniy LUKYANENKO   RUS   5.81
7. Aleksandr AVERBUKH   ISR   5.81
8. Tim LOBINGER   GER   5.81




Romain is pictured above during the final of the mens Pole Vault at the 2006 European

Championships in Gothenburg. He won the silver medal alongside Germany's Tim Lobinger

with a vault of 5.65m - the pair were unable to be seperated on the countback rule -

with Israel's Alex Averbukh, the defending champion, taking gold.


Saut a la perche Finale {Hommes}.

Championnats du Monde d'Athlétisme 2001

1. Dmitriy MARKOV   AUS   6.05
2. Aleksandr AVERBUKH   ISR   5.85
3. Nick HYSONG   USA   5.85
4. Michael STOLLE   GER   5.85
5. Romain MESNIL   FRA   5.85
6.=Richard SPIEGELBURG   GER   5.75
6.=Christian TAMMINGA   NED   5.75
8. Adam KOLASA   POL   5.75



Saut a la perche Finale {Hommes}.

Championnats d'Europe d'Athlétisme 2006

1. Alex AVERBUKH   ISR   5.70
2.=Tim LOBINGER   GER   5.65
2.=Romain MESNIL   FRA   5.65
4. Matti MONONEN   FIN   5.65
5. Przemyslaw CZERWINSKI   POL   5.65
6. Oleksandr KORCHMID   UKR   5.60
7. Giuseppe GIBILISCO   ITA   5.50
8.=Laurens LOOIJE   NED   5.50
8.=Maksym MAZURYK   UKR   5.50