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Colin Jackson - Great Britain & N.I. - 2002 World Athletics Cup.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 21 September 2002

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      Saturday, 18 February 1967
      Cardiff, South Wales
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Colin JACKSON - Great Britain & N.I. - 2002 World Athletics Cup.

Colin Jackson's final performance as a 110m hurdler was not a happy memory ! The World Cup in Madrid was to have been his farewell in a career covering three decades and over two hundred and fifty wins in the event. Alas it all went anything but to the script. The newly crowned European champion (a record fourth victory) got no further than the second barrier before his race was over. Misjudging his approach he hit the second barrier (top picture) and ran out of his lane. He completed the race, some way behind the rest of the field, but was correctly disqualified and scored no points for his team (Great Britain). His face at the end of the race summed up his feelings ! Although this was rather a sad end for Colin he will be remembered as one of the greatest athletes Britain has produced. During his long and illustrious career he won no less than 13 major medals, including two golds at the World Championships.

Men's 110m Hurdles. 2002 World Cup, Madrid
1 Anier García   Cub   13.10
2 Allen Johnson   USA   13.45
3 Stanislavs Olijars   LAT   13.58
4 Shaun Bownes   RSA   13.67
5 Felipe Vivancos   Spa   13.79
6 Florian Schwarthoff   Ger   13.79
7 Tim Ewen   Aus   14.10
Colin Jackson   Gbr   DQ
Xiang Liu   Chn   DNF