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Keith Connor - Great Britain & N.I. - Triple jump Championship Record 1978-1984.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 04 August 1984

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      Monday, 16 September 1957
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Keith CONNOR - Great Britain & N.I. - Triple jump Championship Record 1978-1984.

Keith is pictured above at the 1984 Olympic Games where he took the

bronze medal with a leap of 16.87m.


Men's Triple Jump

Commonwealth Games 1978

1. Keith CONNOR   ENG   17.21m
2. Ian CAMPBELL   AUS   16.93m
3. Aston MOORE   ENG   16.69m
4. Ken LORRAWAY   AUS   16.27m
5. Michael NIPINAK   CAN   16.24m
6. Phil WOOD   NZL   16.05m
7. Steve HANNA   BAH   15.97m
8. Dave JOHNSON   ENG   15.84m



Men's Triple Jump Final

European Athletics Championships 1978

1. Milos SREJOVIC   YUG   16.94m
2. Viktor SANEYEV   URS   16.93m
3. Anatoliy PISKULIN   URS   16.87m
4. Bernard LAMITIE   FRA   16.87m
5. Gennadi WALJUKEWICZ   URS   16.95m
6. Keith CONNOR   GBR   16.64m



Men's Triple Jump Final

Olympic Games 1980

1. Jaak UUDMAE   SOV   17.35m
2. Viktor SANEYEV   SOV   17.24m
3. Joao Carlos de OLIVEIRA   BRA   17.22m
4. Keith CONNOR   GBR   16.87m
5. Ian CAMPBELL   AUS   16.72m
6. Atanas CHOCHEV   BUL   16.56m
7. Bela BAKOSI   HUN   16.47m
8. Kenneth LORRAWAY   AUS   16.44m



Men's Triple Jump Final

European Athletics Championships 1982

1. Keith CONNOR   GBR   17.29m
2. Vasiliy GRISHCHENKOV   URS   17.15m
3. Bela BAKOSI   HUN   17.04m
4. Gennadi WALJUKEWITSCH   URS   16.95m
5. Alexandr BESSKROWNI   URS   16.82m
6. Bedros BEDROSIAN   ROM   16.46m



Men's Triple Jump Final

Commonwealth Games 1982

1. Keith CONNOR   ENG   17.81m
2. Ken LORRAWAY   AUS   17.54m
3. Aston MOORE   ENG   16.76m



Men's Triple jump final

Olympic Games 1984

1. Al JOYNER   USA   17.26m
2. Mike CONLEY   USA   17.18m
3. Keith CONNOR   GBR   16.87m
4. Zou ZHENXIAN   CHN   16.83m
5. Peter BOUSCHEN   GFR   16.77m
6. Willie BANKS   USA   16.75m
7. Ajayi AGEBEBAKU   NIG   16.67m
8. Eric McCALLA   GBR   16.66m




Keith Connor was Britain's leading triple jumper between the late 1970s and mid-1980s and, in 1982, the undisputed world's best in the event. He first came to prominence in 1974, winning the England Schools' Intermediate title with a leap of 14.25, and, making steady progress under coach Ted King, by 1977 he was UK outdoor record holder with 16.33. In 1978, still only 20, he marked his international championship debut by taking the silver medal at the European Indoor Championships in Milan with a jump of 16.53, only one centimetre outside the British record he had set earlier that season. Building on this fine effort, Keith easily won the Commonwealth title in 1978 with a wind-assisted 17.21, but injury ruined his chances at that year's European Championships where he finished a commendable 6th (16.64). Connor ended an eventful year by moving to the United States and enrolling as a student at the University of Texas at El Paso.


He competed little in 1979 due to a heel injury but in January 1980, he jumped 17.16 in Melbourne, Australia, to set a Commonwealth record. At that year's Moscow Olympics, he finished a creditable fourth (16.87) after just returning from a hamstring injury. Later in 1980, he switched his studies to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he rejoined his former coach, Ted King. Back with King and taking advantage of the excellent facilities at SMU, Keith's career got back on track again after his injury problems. In 1981, he extended his UK indoor record to 17.08; won the US national collegiate (NCAA) title with a world indoor best of 17.31; and claimed a bronze medal in the World Student Games (16.88). Even these fine efforts, however, were just a precursor for his glorious year of 1982.


After retaining his NCAA indoor title (16.84) in March, three months later he leapt to second in the all-time lists with a massive 17.57, smashing the European record (17.44) held since 1972 by the legendary Viktor Saneyev (USSR). He then completed an excellent European and Commonwealth double, winning those titles with, respectively, jumps of 17.29 and 17.81 (+4.6m wind) to finish the season as the world's No1 ranked triple jumper. He completed a hat-trick of NCAA titles in 1983 (with a leap of 17.26), but injuries marred his campaign in Europe and he failed to qualify for the final at the inaugural World Championships in Helsinki. He retired from athletics after winning the bronze medal (16.87) at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles (the photo shows Keith during the final), a fitting end to an illustrious career. (Martin Greensill).


Keith Connor retired from active competition in 1984 due to injury and began an illustrious career as a coach and sports administrator. Connor was appointed head coach at the New South Wales Institute of Sport in 1990, after spending several years coaching on the American college scene following his retirement from competition. He was credited with helping Australian athletes to win medals at the Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney Olympics due to his work in revamping the New South Wales Institute of Sport.


Following his successes at NSW Institute of Sport, Connor was given the appointed as head coach of Athletics Australia in 2001. In 2006 Keith was turned down for the job of Head Coach to British Athletics Board although he was regarded by most as the best candidate. After his contract with Australian Athletics expired
Keith became a Sport Consultant to national associations, sporting bodies, sponsors and individuals.