Ezekiel KEMBOI

Ezekiel Kemboi - Kenya - 2015:  his 4th. Steeplechase World Championship win!

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 24 August 2015

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      Tuesday, 25 May 1982
      Matira, Marakwet, Kenya
  • Kenya
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Ezekiel KEMBOI - Kenya - 2015: his 4th. Steeplechase World Championship win!

Ezekiel Kemboi crosses the finish line to win his fourth World Championship 3,000 metres

steeplechase gold medal - this time in Beijing.  Kemboi, the 2012 Olympic champion, finished 8th.

on the previous occasion he was in Beijing, at a major championship - 2008 Olympic Games.

He had of course also finished second at the World Championships three times.   In 2015 he

was not even the Kenyan record holder for the event !  (Brimin Kiprop Kipruto  ran a 7:53.63 in 2011)


 Ezekiel Kemboi  KEMBOI  KEN  8:11.28
 Conseslus  KIPRUTO  KEN  8:12.38
3.  Brimin  KIPRUTO  KEN  8:12.54
4.  Jairus Kipchoge  BIRECH  KEN  8:12.62
5.  Daniel  HULING  USA  8:14.39
6.  Evan  JAGER  USA  8:15.47
7.  Brahim  TALEB  MOR  8:17.73
8.  Matthew  HUGHES  CAN  8:18.63 SB


Ezekiel Kemboi looking a little uncomfortable in his heat of the steeplechase two days before the final.