Julius KORIR

Julius Korir - Kenya - 1984 Olympic 3000m St. chase champion.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 10 August 1984

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      Thursday, 21 April 1960
      Nandi District, Kenya
  • Kenya

Julius KORIR - Kenya - 1984 Olympic 3000m St. chase champion.


After Kenya had produced the men's 3000m steeplechase champion at both the 1968 and 1972 Olympic Games, the nation's athletes had been denied the opportunity to continue that sequence in 1976 and 1980 as a result of boycotts. In 1984, Kenya had the opportunity to re-establish its Olympic dominance at Los Angeles, where this challenge was triumphantly achieved by Julius Korir. Prior to this, Korir had first emerged in the 1982 season when he won the Kenyan national title. On the international scene that year, although he finished second at the African Championships in Cairo on 27 August, he caused somewhat of a surprise when he won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane on 4 October in a personal best time of 8min 23.94sec. In 1983, he improved this time to 8min 20.2sec at Munich on 26 July, and then finished 7th at the World Championships in Helsinki on 12 August.


At the Olympics in Los Angeles the following year, Julius established himself as a serious contender for the gold medal when he won his semi-final on 8 August in a new personal best time of 8min 17.40sec. In the final, held two days later, Korir was always with the leaders, and when he started his sprint for home with just over half a lap remaining, the rest of the field were unable to respond, allowing Julius to run away and score a decisive victory (see photo above) in a career best time of 8min 11.80sec. Korir missed the 1985 outdoor season due to injury, and although he competed for several more years after making a strong return to competition in 1986, the depth of Kenyan steeplechasing talent made it extremely difficult to gain selection on national teams, and he never again represented his country at a major international championships. (Ron Casey)


Men's 3000m. Steeplechase Final.

Commonwealth Games 1982

1. Julius KORIR   KEN   8.23.94
2. Graeme FELL   CAN   8.26.64
3. Greg DUHAIME   CAN   8.29.14



Men's 3000m. steeplechase final.

Olympic Games 1984

1. Julius KORIR   KEN   8: 11: 80
2. Joseph MAHMOUD   FRA   8: 13: 31
3. Brian DIEMER   USA   8: 14: 06
4. Henry MARSH   USA   8: 14: 25
5. Colin REITZ   GBR   8: 15: 48
6. Domingo RAMON   KEN   8: 17: 47
8. Pascal DEBACKER   FRA   8: 21: 51