Julius YEGO

Julius YEGO - Kenya - 2015 World men's javelin champion. 2016 Olympc silver.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 26 August 2015

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      Wednesday, 04 January 1989
      Cheptonon, Kenya.
  • Kenya
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Julius YEGO - Kenya - 2015 World men's javelin champion. 2016 Olympc silver.

Julius Yego has ever reason to look a happy man. Two years after losing the bronze medal

in the very last throw of the final at the World Championships, 2015 was very different.

Not only did he win the Gold Medal with an African javelin record of 92.72 metres ,

he also became the first Kenya athlete to win a World Championship gold medal

 in a throwing event. It was not however, his first major gold medal. He had won the 2012

and 2014 African Championships and at the 2014 Commonwealth Games defeated the

reigning Olympic champion, Keshorn Walcott to win that title.  In Beijing his second throw

measured 82.42 and his third won the event.  He took his final throw (no mark) as a courtesy

to the large crowd.

See picture below.

 Julius  YEGO  KEN  92.72 WL
 88.99 SB
3.  Tero  PIKAMAKI  FIN  87.64
4.  Thomas  ROHER  GER  87.41
5.  Antii  RUUSKANEN  FIN  87.12
6.  Andreas  HOFMANN  GER  86.01
7.  Johannes  VETTER  GER  83.79
8.  Vítězslav   VESELY  CZE  83.13




The following year at the Olympic Games it was a European who won the javelin, with Julius

second and the defending Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott third. Julius' opening throw in the

final was his best (and only measured throw) plus, on his fourth, he fell over and had to retire

from the competition.


2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Men's javelin Final. 

 1.  Thomas Röhler  Germany  90.30  
 2.  Julius Yego  Kenya  88.24  SB
 3.  Keshorn Walcott  Trinidad and Tobago  85.38  
 4.  Johannes Vetter  Germany  85.32  
 5.  Dmytro Kosynskyy  Ukraine  83.95  PB
 6.  Antti Ruuskanen  Finland  83.05  
 7.  Vítězslav Veselý  Czech Republic  82.51  
 8.  Jakub Vadlejch  Czech Republic  82.42