Bernardo SEGURA

Bernardo Segura - Mexico - 20km track World Record and 1996 Olympic bronze

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 27 September 2000

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      Wednesday, 11 February 1970
      San Mateo Atenco, Mexico.
  • Mexico
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Bernardo SEGURA - Mexico - 20km track World Record and 1996 Olympic bronze


The sport of athletics provides its participants with many ups and downs, but it could never be said to be cruel, although Mexican walker Bernard Segura would probably dispute this statement after his experience at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Segura had made a mark for himself on the international walking scene well before his misfortune in Sydney, having set a 20km world record on the track of 1hr 17min 25.5sec at Fana, Norway on 7 May 1994. He followed this with a third place finish in the 20km at the 1995 World Race Walking Cup in Beijing on 29 April 1995. On 11 May 1996, he recorded his career best time over 20km on the road, when he finished 5th amongst a world-class field at Eisenhuttenstadt in a time of 1hr 19min 5sec.


Later that year, at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Bernardo won the bronze medal in the 20km walk. Segura's best year was 1999, when he won the 20km at the World Cup on May 1 in Mezidon-Canon, and then won the Pan-American 20km walk title at Winnipeg on 26 July. His only blemish was at the World Championships in Seville where he failed to finish, repeating his result from the 1995 Championships in Gothenburg. At the Sydney Olympic Games, on 22 September 2000, Segura and Robert Korzeniowski (Poland) were well below Olympic record pace when they entered the stadium, where Segura (see photo above, at centre) just managed to hold off a determined Korzeniowski to cross the line in first place. Not unexpectedly, Segura started to celebrate wildly, completing a lap of honour, and he was actually receiving a congratulatory telephone call from Mexico's President, when the news was announced that he had been disqualified, 15 minutes after he crossed the finish line. (Ron Casey)


ANNUAL PROGRESS 20k race walk.


2010     1:28:00        
2009     1:25:00     Chihuahua     14 MAR
2005     1:21:46     Tijuana     19 MAR
2004     1:20:42     Ciudad Victoria     05 JUN
2003     1:19:06     Tijuana     08 MAR
2002     1:22:46     Eisenhüttenstadt     02 JUN
2000     1:22:47     Poza Rica     08 APR
1999     1:20:17     Winnipeg     26 JUL
1998     1:19:46     Naumburg     23 MAY
1997     1:23:19     Ciudad de México     15 MAR
1996     1:19:05     Eisenhüttenstadt     11 MAY (personal best)
1995     1:19:09     Eisenhüttenstadt     14 MAY
1993     1:19:39     Eschborn     12 JUN
1992     1:24:09     Ciudad de Guatemala   17 OCT
1991     1:22:01     Dearborn     29 SEP