George Herringshaw

George Herringshaw - Photographer. - Priceless photographic collection. 1970-2020

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 01 January 1970

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      Sunday, 18 March 1945
      Dublin, Ireland.
  • Photographer.
George used his vision. Help them gain their's. £150 per month for 30,000 plus pages. On every 30,000 + page! 30,000 plus pages Prostate cancer.

George Herringshaw - Photographer. - Priceless photographic collection. 1970-2020

I have photographed sport professionally for 50 years.


It is time for me to stop travelling the World and sell my photo library:

before the grim reaper comes calling.


The web site will come free with the photographic library.

Only a small fraction of the photo library's images are on the web site - 10% perhaps.


Price?  Think seven figures.  A great long term investment in this digital age.

The 300,000 images ** (the work of fifteen photographers) are protected by UK copyright until 2120.*

Naturally the new owner will own the © copyright.


George Herringshaw.

27 Park View,



LE3 6SJ.

* subject to me living till I'm 100 !


**  Could be 500,000 if one adds those I regarded as not essential for syndication

      at the time they were taken. A different picture of the same subject.


(I am not ill.  "The Big 50"  is a Charity appeal.)