Aleksey Drozdov - Russia - Decathlon finalist at World & European Championships.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 01 September 2007

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      Saturday, 03 December 1983
      Bryansk, Russia
  • Russia
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Aleksey DROZDOV - Russia - Decathlon finalist at World & European Championships.

The pictures above show Aleksey Drozdov above during the Discus, 100m, Javelin, Long Jump

and Shot Put disciplines of the Decathlon at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka.

Drozdov, the bronze medallist at the 2006 European Championships, produced

a fine performance to record a new personal best total of 8475 points on his way

to a 4th place finish. He set new PBs in the 100m, High Jump, 400m & Pole Vault

in the process.

Men's Decathlon.

2007 World Athletics Champs.

1. Roman SEBRLE   CZE   8676pts
2. Maurice SMITH   JAM   8644pts NR
3. Dmitriy KARPOV   KAZ   8586pts
4. Aleksey DROZDOV   RUS   8475pts PB
5. André NIKLAUS   GER   8371pts PB
6. Aleksey SYSOYEV   RUS   8357pts PB
7. Romain BARRAS   FRA   8262pts
8. Yordani GARCIA   CUB   8257pts NR
Points Breakdown
1. 100m   10.97   867pts PB
2. Long Jump   7.25   874pts
3. Shot Put   16.49   882pts
4. High Jump   2.12   915pts PB
5. 400m   50.00   815pts PB
6. 110m Hurdles   14.76   879pts
7. Discus   48.62   842pts
8. Pole Vault   5.00   910pts PB
9. Javelin   63.51   791pts
10.1500m   4.36.93   700pts



Aleksey is pictured above during the High Jump and 400m disciplines of the Decathlon at the

2006 European Championships in Gothenburg. Drozdov produced an excellent overall

performance - setting no less than 5 PBs - to claim the bronze medal with a total of 8350 points.

That left him just 6 points behind the silver medallist, Attila Zsivoczky, with Roman Sebrle

a further 170 points ahead in the gold medal position.


Men's Decathlon.

European Athletics Championships 2006.

1. Roman SEBRLE   CZE   8526pts
2. Attila ZSIVOCZKY   HUN   8356pts
3. Aleksey DROZDOV   RUS   8350pts
4. Aleksandr POGORELOV   RUS   8245pts
5. Pascal BEHRENBRUCH   GER   8209pts
6. Aliaksandr PARKHOMENKA   BLR   8136pts
7. Stefan DREWS   GER   8105pts
8. Romain BARRAS   FRA   8093pts
Points Breakdown
1. 100m   11.05   850pts PB
2. Long Jump   7.26   876pts
3. Shot Put   16.61   889pts
4. High Jump   2.03   831pts
5. 400m   50.27   802pts PB
6. 110m Hurdles   14.74   881pts PB
7. Discus   48.06   830pts
8. Pole Vault   5.00   910pts PB
9. Javelin   61.22   756pts
10.1500m   4.32.93   725pts PB