Sandra Perkovic - Croatia  - 5th. European Championships discus title for Sandra.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 11 August 2018

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      Thursday, 21 June 1990
      Zagreb, Croatia
  • Croatia
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Sandra PERKOVIC - Croatia - 5th. European Championships discus title for Sandra.

Without a throw over 60 metres Sandra entered the throwing circle in the fifth round

knowing she had to produce a 'proper' throw, lying in 5th place.  As her expression above suggests

- she was ready. A  67.62m took her into the lead and in effect destroyed the German trio who were all

in the medal positions.  George was there to capture the moment.

Sandra Perković at the time was the only individual woman who had managed to win five gold medals

at the European Athletics Championships in one event. 

(Made a little "easier" since 2016 when the event became bi-annual)


 Sandra Perković  (CRO)  67.62    
 2.  Nadine Müller  (GER)
 63.00  SB  
 3.  Shanice Craft  (GER)  62.46    
 4.  Claudine Vita
 (GER)  61.25    
 Daisy Osakue  (ITA)  59.32    
 6.  Dragana Tomašević  (SER)  58.94    
 7.  Liliana Cá  (POR)  58.91    
 8. Alexandra Emilianov
 (MOL)  58.10    



Here is her reaction as she stepped back and turned to roar at the crowd.