Lauryn Williams - U.S.A. - World Championships 2005, 2007 & 2009.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 16 August 2009

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      Sunday, 11 September 1983
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Lauryn WILLIAMS - U.S.A. - World Championships 2005, 2007 & 2009.

Lauryn Williams finished 5th in the 100m at the 2009 World Championships.


Women's 100m. Final

2009 World Athletics Championships

1. Shelly-Ann FRASER   JAM   10.73
2. Kerron STEWART   JAM   10.75
3. Carmelita JETER   USA   10.90
4. Veronica CAMPBELL-BROWN   JAM   10.95
5. Lauryn WILLIAMS   USA   11.01
6. Debbie FERGUSON-McKENZIE   BAH   11.05
7. Chandra STURRUP   BAH   11.05
8. Aileen BAILEY   JAM   11.06




Photos George Herringshaw 26th August 2007. ©


The main photo above shows Lauryn during the heats of the women's 100m at the 2007

World Championships in Osaka. The inset picture shows the closing few metres of the final

with Williams pictured on the far right. It was an incredibly close finish to the final and Lauryn,

who was defending the title she had won two years earlier in Helsinki, was to agonisingly miss out

on the gold medal, despite clocking the identical time as Jamaica's Veronica Campbell (2nd left).

Lauryn's compatriot Carmelita Jeter (far left) won the bronze, her time of 11.02 secs just 1 hundredth

of a second back on Campbell and Williams. Lauryn later teamed up with Allyson Felix,

Mikele Barber and Torri Edwards to win gold for the USA in the 4x100m relay.


Women's 4x100m. Relay final. 2007 World Athletics Championships
1. United States (Lauryn Williams; Allyson Felix; Mikele Barber; Torri Edwards) 41.98
2. Jamaica (Sheri-Ann Brooks; Kerron Stewart; Simone Facey; Veronica Campbell) 42.01

3. Belgium (Olivia Borlee; Hanna Mariën; Elodie Ouédraogo; Kim Gevaert) 42.75



Women's 100m. Final

2007 World Athletics Championships

1. Veronica CAMPBELL   JAM   11.01
2. Lauryn WILLIAMS   USA   11.01
3. Carmelita JETER   USA   11.02
4. Torri EDWARDS   USA   11.05
5. Kim GEVAERT   BEL   11.05
6. Christine ARRON   FRA   11.08
7. Kerron STEWART   JAM   11.12
8. Oludamola OSAYOMI   NGR   11.26