Matthew CENTROWITZ - U.S.A. - 8th in Beijing 2015 World Champs: Gold at 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 28 August 2015

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      Wednesday, 18 October 1989
      Annapolis, Maryland
  • U.S.A.
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Matthew CENTROWITZ - U.S.A. - 8th in Beijing 2015 World Champs: Gold at 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Matthew Centrowitz running in his semi final of the men's 1,500 metres in Beijing.

He was 4th in that race (3:43.97) and 8th in the final two days later. All of the finalist 

ran sub 3.38 times. The photo below is of Mathew leading the final in Beijing.


2015 World Championships.

Men's 1,500 metres final.

 KIPROP  KEN  3:34.40
 Elijah Motonei  
 MANANGOI  KEN  3:34.63
 3.  Abdalaati
 IGUIDER  MAR  3:34.67
 4.  Taoufik
 MAKHLOUFI  ALG  3:34.76
 5.  Silas 
 KIPLAGAT  KEN  3:34.81   
 6.  Nick
 WILLIS  NZL  3:35.46
 7.  Timothy
 CHERUIYOT  KEN  3:36.05
 8.  Matthew

One year later most of the runners seen above contested the Olympic final in Rio.  In March of that year Matthew won the 1,500m

at the World Indoor Championships, in his native U.S.A.    His first gold medal since winning the  2007 Pan American Junior Championships

in Brazil (not Rio) nearly a decade earlier.    Perhaps the omens were good.    As the figures below show they were indeed good.

But not the times !


2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Men's 1,500 metres final.


 1. Matthew Centrowitz, Jr.  United States  3:50.00
 2. Taoufik Makhloufi  Algeria  3:50.11
 3. Nick Willis  New Zealand  3:50.24   
 4. Ayanleh Souleiman  Djibouti  3:50.29
 5. Abdalaati Iguider  Morocco  3:50.58   
 6. Asbel Kiprop  Kenya  3:50.87
 7. David Bustos  Spain  3:51.06
 8. Ben Blankenship  United States  3:51.09


The winning time of 3:50.00 was the slowest since 1932.

Centrowitz became the first American to win the event since Mel Sheppard in 1908.

Only five finalist (there were thirteen) failed to beat 3:40 in their semi final - ten seconds

faster than Matthew's winning time !

Earlier in the evening Mo Farah won the 5,000 metres.  

Mo's best time for the 1,500 metres.   3:28.81.    Need one say more ?