Michelle CARTER

Michelle Carter - U.S.A. - Bronze medal in Beijing then Gold at the 2016 Olympic Games

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 22 August 2015

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      Saturday, 12 October 1985
      San Jose, California, U.S.A.
  • U.S.A.
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Michelle CARTER - U.S.A. - Bronze medal in Beijing then Gold at the 2016 Olympic Games

Michelle Carter in action during the final of the women's shot put in Beijing.

Her third throw of 19.76 took her into third place where she remained throughout

the competition, thus winning the bronze medal.


In 2016 she began to throw 20 metres when it mattered and in March won

the World Indoor title with a throw of 20.21. Then she won the big one !

The Olympic Games title - with her last put of the final. 

A U.S.A. record with her throw of 20.63 metres, beating the then leader  twice winner

and defending champion Valerie Adams into second place. 


Result of Final.  Women's shot put.

2015 World Championship in Beijing.

 Christina  SCHWANITZ  GER  20.37m
 Lijiao  GING  CHN  20.30m
3.  Michelle  CARTER  USA  19.76m
4.  Anita  MARTON  HUN  19.48m NR
5.  Yang  GAO  CHN  19.04m
6.  Aliona  DUBITSKAYA  BLR  18.52m
7.  Yuliya  LEANTSIUK  BLR  18.25m
8.  Narallia  MIKHNEVICH  BLR  18.24m



2016 Olympic Games.

Women's shot put final. Rio de Janeiro.

 1.  Michelle Carter  United States  20.63  NR & WL
 2.  Valerie Adams  New Zealand  20.42  SB
 3.  Anita Márton  Hungary  19.87  NR
 4.  Gong Lijiao  China  19.39  
 5.  Raven Saunders  United States  19.35  PB
 6.  Christina Schwanitz  Germany  19.03  
 7.  Cleopatra Borel  Trinidad and Tobago   
 8.  Aliona Dubitskaya  Belarus  18.23  

Her father, Michael Carter,  a former Olympian, won the silver medal in the shot put in 1984.