Igor Paklin - U.S.S.R. - 1986 European gold & 1987 World silver in the High Jump

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 06 September 1987

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      Saturday, 15 June 1963
      Frunze, Kirghizia, Russia.
  • U.S.S.R.
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Igor PAKLIN - U.S.S.R. - 1986 European gold & 1987 World silver in the High Jump


Igor Paklin's major breakthrough in his high jumping career came just a month before his 20th birthday, with a massive improvement of his personal best to 2.33m at Tashkent, on 15 May 1983. Later that year, he won the gold medal at the World University Games in Edmonton and placed equal fourth at the World Championships in Helsinki. On 4 September 1985, Paklin successfully defended his World University Games title at Kobe, but with considerably more fanfare than his first triumph, as his winning jump was a new world record of 2.41m. Not surprisingly, all eyes were on the new world record holder when he competed at the World Cup in Canberra the following month, but he could only clear 2.25m, and finished in fourth place.


It was a different story at the 1986 European Championships in Stuttgart on 31 August, where Paklin's 2.31m first time clearance was enough to win the gold medal, but he jumped 2.34m just for good measure. The following week at Rieti, he cleared 2.38m, the highest jump in the world that year. Igor won the gold medal at the 1987 World Indoor Championships after a protracted competition. Both he and compatriot Gennadiy Avdeyenko had perfect records up to 2.38m, but they then both failed at 2.40m. Forced into a jump-off for the gold, they both failed at 2.38m, before Paklin sealed the victory with a 2.36m clearance. At the World Championships later that year in Rome, on 6 September, Paklin was one of three athletes who cleared 2.38m (see photo above), but this time he finished equal second based on the number of missed attempts.


That was the end of Paklin's major successes, and in his last major international appearances, he finished equal 7th at the 1988 Olympics, and equal 10th at the 1991 World Championships. (Ron Casey)




1999     2.25     Bishkek     10 JUL
1993     2.20     London     23 JUL
1991     2.27     Tokyo 30 AUG
1987     2.38     Roma 06 SEP
1986     2.38     Rieti     07 SEP
1985     2.41     Kobe     04 SEP (personal best)
1983     2.29     Helsinki 13 AUG
1982     2.24     Leningrad     18 JUL