Tatyana Samolenko - U.S.S.R. - 3000m silver at Barcelona Olympics

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 02 August 1992

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      Saturday, 12 August 1961
      Sekretarka, Orenburg
  • U.S.S.R.
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Tatyana SAMOLENKO - U.S.S.R. - 3000m silver at Barcelona Olympics

Tatyana Samolenko made a triumphant return to the track in 1991 after two years of semi-retirement. During that time she had remarried, and competing under her married name of Dorovskikh, she had won gold in the 3000m, and silver in the 1500m at the 1991 World Championships. As had been her custom during the latter part of her career, Dorovskikh competed sparingly in the early part of the 1992 season, focusing her efforts on the major competition of the year, the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Despite her relative lack of preparation, Tatyana was the favourite for the 3000m at Barcelona, in deference to the fact that she was the reigning Olympic and World champion, and her reputation for producing her best performances at major international championships. The slow early pace in the 3000m final at Barcelona, held on 2 August, suited Tatyana's renowned finishing kick, and she was happy to bide her time within the leading pack and let others do the pace making. Coming off the last turn Dorovskikh's teammate Yelena Romanova burst into the lead, with Tatyana in hot pursuit. This was a repeat of the scenario that had occurred at the previous year's World Championships in Tokyo between these two athletes, but whereas Dorovskikh had prevailed in Tokyo, this time it was Romanova's turn, as she maintained her lead to the finish, relegating Dorovskikh to the silver medal position. Six days later, Tatyana competed in the 1500m final, which was run at an extremely fast race, resulting in the first seven athletes all recording personal best times, but on this occasion Tatyana's 3min 57.92sec lifetime best was only good enough for fourth place. Dorovskikh's outstanding career achievements were somewhat soured when she tested positive for drug use in June 1993, which effectively brought an end to her career. (Ron Casey).


Tetyana Volodymyrivna Dorovskikh's performances were  soured when she tested positive for drug use in June 1993, which effectively brought an end to her career.

She was also known as Samolenko-Khamitova before her marriage. On some web sites
she is known as Tetyana Dorovskikh.


Women's 3000m. Final

Olympic Games 1992

1. Yelena Romanova   CIS   8.46.04
2. Tatyana Dorovskikh   CIS   8.46.85
3. Angela Chalmers   CAN   8.47.22
4. Sonia O'Sullivan   IRE   8.47.41
5. Patti Sue Plumer   USA   8.48.29
6. Yelena Kopitova   CIS   8.49.55
7. Shelly Steely   USA   8.52.67
8. Yvonne Murray   GBR   8.55.85