Anna MISHCHENKO - Ukraine - 2012 European Championship 1500m drug roundabout !

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 01 July 2012

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      Thursday, 25 August 1983
      Sumy, Ukriane.
  • Ukraine
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Anna MISHCHENKO - Ukraine - 2012 European Championship 1500m drug roundabout !

Anna Mishchenko crosses the line to win the bronze medal in the women's 1500m at the

2012 European Athletics Championships in Helsinki, Finalnd. The two Turkish athletes who

finished ahead of her also win the Gold and Silver medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games

just a few weeks later.  But later event proves "entertaining".


The winner Aslı Çakır Alptekin  was later disqualified for doping offences.

On 1st. June 2016, Turkish media reported that Gamze Bulut had also been found to have employed illegal

performance enhancing methods by dint of observations of her athlete 'passport'. If confirmed, Bulut would

also lose her Olympic and European medals, and all medals and records from 2012 to 2016.

Mishchenko was upgraded to the silver medal until she herself was

disqualified for drug offences.  On 25 February 2016, the IAAF announced,

that Mishchenko had been banned from competition for two years until 17 August 2017,

and all her results since June 28, 2012 will be voided.

This resulted from irregularities in her biological passport.


 1  Aslı Çakır Alptekin   Turkey  4:5.31
 2  Gamze Bulut  Turkey  4:06.04
 3  Anna Mishchenko  Ukriane  4:07.74

So here are the current medallists !

Gold        Nuria Fernández  (Spain)
Silver      Diana Sujew    (Germany)
Bronze    Tereza Čapková   (Czech Republic)