Lyudmila BLONSKA

Lyudmila Blonska - Ukraine - 2007 World Championships silver medal.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 16 August 2008

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      Wednesday, 09 November 1977
      Simferopol, Ukraine
  • Ukraine
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Lyudmila BLONSKA - Ukraine - 2007 World Championships silver medal.

BLONSKA was disqualified after it was found she had taken the

anabolic steroid methyltestosterone and she was later banned for Life.

Her husband, Sergeii, an athlete was also banned for life. 

In 2002 at the European Championships  she finished thirteenth and soon thereafter

tested positive for steroids.  Hence the life ban in 2008. Some people never learn.

OK, not a sporting hero.


Women's Heptathlon.
2008 Olympic Games
1. Nataliia DOBRYNSKA   UKR   6733pts
2. Hyleas FOUNTAIN   USA   6619pts
3. Tatiana CHERNOVA   RUS   6591pts
4. Kelly SOTHERTON   GBR   6517pts
5. Jessica ZELINKA   CAN   6490pts
6. Anna BOGDANOVA   RUS   6465pts
7. Karolina TYMINSKA   POL   6465pts
8. Lilli SCHWARZKOPF   GER   6428pts
Lyudmila BLONSKA   UKR   DSQ




The pictures above show Lyudmila during all four field events - Shot Put, Long Jump, Javelin and High Jump - of the women's

Heptathlon at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka. Of those four disciplines she produced PBs in the two jumps events

on her way to winning the silver medal in a new national record of 6832pts.

Was she on drugs ? 


2007 World Athletics Championship.

1. Carolina KLUFT   SWE   7032pts
2. Lyudmila BLONSKA {NR}   UKR   6832pts
3. Kelly SOTHERTON   GBR   6510pts
4. Jessica ENNIS   GBR   6469pts
5. Lilli SCHWARZKOPF   GER   6439pts
6. Austra SKUJYTE   LTU   6380pts
7. Jennifer OESER   GER   6378pts
8. Natalya DOBRYNSKA   UKR   6327pts
Points Breakdown
1. 100m Hurdles   13.25   1087pts
2. High Jump (PB)   1.92   1132pts
3. Shot Put   14.44   823pts
4. 200m   24.09   972pts
5. Long Jump (PB)   6.88   1132pts
6. Javelin   47.77   817pts
7. 800m   2.16.68   869pts