Claudia LOSCH

Claudia Losch - West Germany - 1984 Olympic Shot Put Champion by just 1cm

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 03 August 1984

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      Sunday, 10 January 1960
      Wanne-Eickel, West Germany.
  • West Germany
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Claudia LOSCH - West Germany - 1984 Olympic Shot Put Champion by just 1cm


Claudia Losch's greatest athletic achievement occurred relatively early in her long career, at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Prior to Los Angeles, Losch had already achieved some international success in the shot put, by finishing 7th at the 1983 World Championships, and second at the 1984 European Indoor Championships. In the Olympic final, on 3 August, Losch held the lead after round one with her opening throw of 19.97m. She increased her lead to 20.31m in round two, but subsequently lost it when Mihaela Loghin (Romania) reached 20.47m on her fourth attempt. Claudia (see photo above) responded with a throw of 20.48m on her final throw, to just pinch the gold medal from Loghin by the smallest margin (1 cm) ever in an Olympic women's throwing event. It was just as well that Losch achieved this victory in the early part of her career, as she subsequently had a disappointing record at major international championships, including 4 fourth-place finishes.


The first of these was at the 1986 European Championships in Stuttgart, where her best throw of 20.54m was the same as the bronze medallist, but Losch missed a medal due to an inferior secondary mark. Claudia also concentrated on the discus that year, winning the West German title, and finishing 9th at the European Championships. At the 1987 World Championships in Rome, Losch again finished fourth, missing a medal by only 3cm, and although she produced the best throw in the qualifying round at the following year's Olympic Games in Seoul, she could only manage fifth place in the final. Losch returned to the winner's circle when she was victorious at the 1989 World Indoor Championships, but she again slipped to fourth at her last two major internationals, the 1990 European Championships and the 1991 World Championships. (Ron Casey)



 Photo George Herringshaw.   ©


Meisterschaft Rekord 1983-1991.


Olympic Games and European Championships performances.



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Weltmeisterschaft {WM} 1983

1. Helena Fibingerova   TCH   21.05m
2. Helma Knorscheidt   GDR   20.70m
3. Ilona Slupianek-Briesenick   GDR   20.56m
4. Nunu Abashidze   SOV   20.55m
5. Natalya Lisovskaya   SOV   20.02m
6. Mihaela Loghin   ROM   19.85m
7. Claudia Losch   FRG   19.72m
8. Maria Elena Sarria   CUB   19.47m



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Olympische Spiele 1984

1. Claudia LOSCH   GFR   20.48m
2. Mihaela LOGHIN   ROM   20.47m
3. Gael MARTIN   AUS   19.19m
4. Judy OAKES   GBR   18.14m
5. Li MEISU   CHN   17.96m
6. Venissa HEAD   GBR   17.90m
7. Carol CADY   USA   17.23m
8. Florenta CRACIUNESCU   ROM   17.23m



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Europameisterschaft {EM} 1986

1. Heidi KRIEGER   GDR   21.10m  
2. Ines MULLER   GDR   20.81m  
3. Natalya AKHRIMENKO   URS   20.54m
4. Claudia LOSCH   FRG   20.54m
5. Heike HARTWIG   GDR   20.14m
6. Nunu ABASHIDZE   URS   19.99m



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Weltmeisterschaft {WM} 1987

1. Natalya Lisovskaya   SOV   21.24m   CR  
2. Kathrin Neimke   GDR   21.21m
3. Ines Muller   GDR   20.76m
4. Claudia Losch   FRG   20.73m
5. Natalya Akhrimenko   SOV   20.68m
6. Heike Hartwig   GDR   20.63m
7. Meisu Li   CHN   20.43m
8. Helena Fibingerova   TCH   20.29m



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Olympische Spiele 1988

1. Natalya Lissovskaya   SOV   22.24m
2. Kathrin Neimke   GDR   21.07m
3. Li Meisu   CHN   21.06m
4. Ines Moller   GDR   20.37m
5. Claudia Losch   FRG   20.27m
6. Heike Hartwig   GDR   20.20m
7. Natalya Ahrimenko   SOV   20.13m
8. Huang Zhihong   CHN   19.82m




Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}.

Europameisterschaft {EM} 1990

1. Astrid KUMBERNUSS   GDR     20.38m  
2. Natalya LISOVSKAYA   URS    20.06m  
3. Kathrin NEIMKE   GDR     19.96m
4. Claudia LOSCH   FRG   19.92m
5. Iris PLOTZIZKA   FRG   19.51m
6. Heike HARTWIG   GDR   18.90m



Kugelstoßen Endrunde {Frauen}. Weltmeisterschaft {WM} 1991

1. Huang Zhihong   CHN   20.85m
2. Natalya Lisovskaya   SOV   20.29m
3. Svetlana Krivelyova   SOV   20.16m
4. Claudia Losch   GER   19.74m
5. Zhou Tianhua   CHN   19.64m
6. Stephanie Storp   GER   19.50m
7. Marina Antonyuk   SOV   19.12m
8. Kathrin Neimke   GER   18.83m

(Das bild oben zeigt den deutsche sportler Claudia Losch.)