Jiang Jin - China - FIFA World Cup 2002

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 04 June 2002

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      Friday, 17 October 1969
      Shanghai, China.
  • China
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JIANG Jin - China - FIFA World Cup 2002

The picture above shows Chinese footballer Jiang Jin during the game against Costa Rica at

the 2002 World Cup Finals.


CHINA 0:2 COSTA RICA (0:0) (04.06.02 Gwangju - 27, 217)

Jiang Jin, Xu Yunlong, Fan Zhiyi (74 Yu Genwei), Li Weifeng, Wu Chengying, Sun Jihai (26 Qu Bo), Li Xiaopeng, Li Tie,

Ma Mingyu (c), Yang Cheng (66 Su Maozhen), Hao Haidong

CHINA 0:4 BRAZIL (0:3) (08.06.02 Seogwipo - 36, 750)

Jiang Jin, Xu Yunlong, Du Wei, Li Weifeng, Wu Chengying, Li Xiaopeng, Li Tie (3rd c), Zhao Junzhe, Ma Mingyu (c - 62 Yang Pu),

Qi Hong (2nd c - 66 Shao Jiayi), Hao Haidong (75 Qu Bo)

CHINA 0:3 TURKEY (0:2) (13.06.02 Seoul - 43, 605)

Jiang Jin, Xu Yunlong, Du Wei, Li Weifeng, Wu Chengying (46 Shao Jiayi), Li Xiaopeng, Li Tie, Zhao Junzhe, Yang Pu,

Yang Cheng (73 Yu Genwei), Hao Haidong (72 Qu Bo).


 International career

Jiang Jin was first called up to the senior team in 1993; however he waited until October 31, 1997 before he was given his chance to make his senior debut in 1998 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Qatar in a 3-2 defeat. Under Bobby Houghton Jiang was given an opportunity to establish himself as the country's first choice goalkeeper and it was during the 1998 Asian Games held in Bangkok that Jiang shone by aiding the country to a third choice finish and personally winning the “Asian best goalkeeper” award.



On October 17, 2010, Jiang Jin was reported to have been detained by the police and was said to be involved in fixing the November 30, 2003 league game against Tianjin Teda F.C. during his stint as a player at Shanghai International. The allegations sugguests that his team mate Shen Si was bribed by former Tianjin Teda general manager Yang Yifeng a total of 12 million Yuan to lose the game and that Shen had asked team mates Jiang Jin, Qi Hong and Li Ming (1975) to help him. After being arrested by the police a lengthy wait eventually saw Jiang Jin found guilty of match-fixing and was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment on June 13, 2012 and fined 500,000 Yuan along with his associates except for Shen Si who was given six years.


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