Bobby Moore - England - Biography of England career and appearances.

Photo/Foto: George Herringshaw

Date: 20 April 1973

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      Central Defender
      Saturday, 12 April 1941
      Barking, England. Died 24th. February 1993. (Aged 51).
  • England
  • Fulham FC
    • Club Career Dates
    • League Debut
      Tuesday, 19th March 1974 in a 4-0 defeat at home to Middlesbrough (Aged: 32)
    • Club Career
      124 League apps, 1 goal
  • West Ham United
    • Club Career Dates
    • League Debut
      Monday, 8th September 1958 in a 3-2 win at home to Manchester United (Aged: 17)
    • Club Career
      543 League apps (+1 as sub), 24 goals
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Bobby MOORE - England - Biography of England career and appearances.

Bobby Moore is pictured playing for West Ham United on 20th. April 1973,

in their 4-3 home win against Southampton.                                                                


                                                    Biography of Bobby Moore's International Career


Bobby Moore will always be remembered as the man who led England to it's greatest ever sporting achievement. For Moore was the man who captained his country to a famous victory over West Germany in the World Cup Final on that magical summer afternoon in 1966. England had reached the final by topping their group and then easing past the Argentinians 1-0 in an ill tempered affair and the Portuguese 2-1, the elegant Moore playing in all of these games. The Germans took an early lead in the final but Geoff Hurst headed home a free-kick taken by the quick thinking Moore six minutes later to level matters and when Martin Peters fired England ahead in the 78th minute it seemed their name was on the World Cup. The Germans had other ideas, however, and Weber slid in at the far post to equalise in the very last minute forcing the game in to extra time. England somehow put the disappointment of that late goal behind them to raise their performance in the extra thirty minutes and two more Hurst goals gave them victory. Captain Moore lead his team up the famous Wembley steps and as the nation looked on he received the gleaming Jules Rimet trophy from H.M. The Queen - what a glorious moment for the whole of England! The team then set off an a victory lap around Wembley where Nobby Stiles performed his memorbale victory jig! Bobby's international career had actually started four years earlier, at the age of 21, in a 4-0 victory over Peru and he went on to play in all four of England's games in the 1962 World Cup Finals in Chile. England went out 3-1 in the quarter-finals to the eventual winners Brazil but Moore's performances had marked him out as an England regular for years to come. He scored two goals in International football with his first coming in a 1-1 draw against Poland in January 1966 and his other strike in a 6-1 victory against Norway in June of the same year.






By the time the 1970 World Cup Finals came round many neutral observers believed England's team to be superior to that of the '66 World Cup winning side. Captain Moore was still as graceful as ever at the heart of the defence and the likes of Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst, Gordon Banks, Alan Ball and Martin Peters were still performing at the very highest level of the game. Add to these talented newcomers such as Alan Mullery and Francis Lee and you could see why England were strongly fancied to do well in the tournament. They opened the campaign with a 1-0 victory over Romania but went down 1-0 in the next game to the brilliant Brazilians despite Moore being at his imperious best. This was surely Bobby's finest game in an England shirt as time and time again his magnificently timed challenges put a stop to Brazilian attacks. At the end of the game Moore swapped shirts with Pele and the warm embrace between the two showed what high regard the legendary Brazilian held Bobby in. England saw off Czechoslovakia 1-0 in their final group game courtesy of a Clarke penalty to set up a mouth watering quarter-final meeting with West Germany. England took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Mullery and Peters and seemed to be cruising to victory, manager Alf Ramsey was so confident that he replaced first Bobby Charlton and then Peters. However, the Germans pulled a goal back through Beckenbauer and then forced the game into extra time thanks to Seeler's 82nd minute strike. England were now very much on the back foot and it was no surprise when that predatory striker Muller won the game for the Germans. Moore was never to play in the World Cup Finals again as England missed out on the 1974 tournament. He did play in a 1-0 win and a 1-1 draw against Wales and then in a 2-0 defeat in Poland in that disappointing qualifying campaign for the '74 Finals. His last match in an England shirt came in a 1-0 defeat against Italy at Wembley on 14th November 1973. Bobby Moore had served his country magnificently for over eleven years and won a then record 108 caps when he stepped down from the International scene.

Career Record: Played 108: Won 67, Drew 23, Lost 18.   Goals: 2


24/02/68 v Scotland (A) W 1-0 (ECQ)
03/04/68 v Spain (H) W 1-0 (ECQ)
08/05/68 v Spain (A) W 2-1 (ECQ)
22/05/68 v Sweden (H) W 3-1 (F)
01/06/68 v West Germany (A) L 1-0 (F)
05/06/68 v Yugoslavia (N) L 1-0 (EC)
08/06/68 v USSR (N) W 2-0 (EC)
06/11/68 v Romania (A) D 0-0 (F)

11/12/68 v Bulgaria (H) D 1-1 (F)


12/03/69 v France (H) W 5-0 (F)
03/05/69 v N.Ireland (A) W 3-1 (HC)
07/05/69 v Wales (H) W 2-1 (HC)
10/05/69 v Scotland (H) W 4-1 (HC)
01/06/69 v Mexico (A) D 0-0 (F)
08/06/69 v Uruguay (A) W 2-1 (F)
12/06/69 v Brazil (A) L 2-1 (F)
05/11/69 v Netherlands (A) W 1-0 (F)

10/12/69 v Portugal (H) W 1-0 (F)


25/02/70 v Belgium (A) W 3-1 (F)
18/04/70 v Wales (A) D 1-1 (HC)
21/04/70 v N. Ireland (H) W 3-1 (HC)
25/04/70 v Scotland (A) D 0-0 (HC)
20/05/70 v Colombia (A) W 4-0 (F)
24/05/70 v Ecuador (A) W 2-0 (F)
02/06/70 v Romania (N) W 1-0 (W.Cup)
07/06/70 v Brazil (N) L 1-0 (W.Cup)
11/06/70 v Czech (N) W 1-0 (W.Cup)

14/06/70 v W.Germany L 3-2 a.e.t. (W.Cup)

25/11/70 v E.Germany (H) W 3-1 (F)


21/04/71 v Greece (H) W 3-0 (ECQ)
12/05/71 v Malta (H) W 5-0 (ECQ)
15/05/71 v N.Ireland (A) W 1-0 (HC)
22/05/71 v Scotland W 3-1 (HC)
13/10/71 v Switzerland (A) W 3-2 (ECQ)
10/11/71 v Switzerland (H) D 1-1 (ECQ)

01/12/71 v Greece (A) W 2-0 (ECQ)


29/04/72 v W.Germany (H) L 3-1 (ECQ)
13/05/72 v W.Germany (A) D 0-0 (ECQ)
20/05/72 v Wales (A) W 3-0 (HC)
27/05/72 v Scotland (A) W 1-0 (HC)
11/10/72 v Yugoslavia (H) D 1-1 (F)

15/11/72 v Wales (A) W 1-0 (WCQ)


24/01/73 v Wales (H) D 1-1 (WCQ)
14/02/73 v Scotland (A) W 5-0 (F)
12/05/73 v N.Ireland (H) W 2-1 (HC)
15/05/73 v Wales (H) W 3-0 (HC)
19/05/73 v Scotland (H) W 1-0 (HC)
27/05/73 v Czech (A) D 1-1 (F)
06/06/73 v Poland (A) L 2-0 (WCQ)
10/06/73 v USSR (A) W 2-1 (F)
14/06/73 v Italy (A) L 2-0 (F)
14/11/73 v Italy (H) L 1-0 (F)


20/05/62 v Peru (A) W 4-0 (F)
31/05/62 v Hungary (N) L 2-1 (W.Cup)
02/06/62 v Argentina (N) W 3-1 (W.Cup)
07/06/62 v Bulgaria (N) D 0-0 (W.Cup)
10/06/62 v Brazil (N) L 3-1 (W.Cup)
03/10/62 v France (H) D 1-1 (ECQ)
20/10/62 v N.Ireland (A) W 3-1 (HC)

21/11/62 v Wales (H) W 4-0 (HC)


27/02/63 v France (A) L 5-2 (ECQ)
06/04/63 v Scotland (H) L 2-1 (HC)
06/04/63 v Brazil (H) D 1-1 (F)
29/05/63 v Czech (A) W 4-2 (F)
02/06/63 v E.Germany (A) W 2-1 (F)
05/06/63 v Switzerland (A) W 8-1 (F)
12/10/63 v Wales (A) W 4-0 (HC)
23/10/63 v Rest of World W 2-1 (F)

20/11/63 v N.Ireland (H) W 8-3 (HC)


11/04/64 v Scotland (A) L 1-0 (HC)
06/05/64 v Uruguay (H) W 2-1 (F)
17/05/64 v Portugal (A) W 4-3 (F)
24/05/64 v Rep.Ireland (A) W 3-1 (F)
30/05/64 v Brazil (A) L 5-1 (MT)
04/06/64 v Portugal (N) D 1-1 (MT)
06/06/64 v Argentina (N) L 1-0 (MT)
03/10/64 v N.Ireland (A) W 4-3 (HC)
21/10/64 v Belgium (H) D 2-2 (F)

10/04/65 v Scotland (H) D 2-2 (HC)
05/05/65 v Hungary (H) W 1-0 (F)
09/05/65 v Yugoslavia (A) D 1-1 (F)
12/05/65 v West Germany (A) W 1-0 (F)
16/05/65 v Sweden (A) W 2-1 (F)
02/10/65 v Wales (A) D 0-0 (HC)
20/10/65 v Austria (H) L 3-2 (F)

10/11/65 v N.Ireland (H) W 2-1 (HC)

08/12/65 v Spain (A) W 2-0 (F)


05/01/66 v Poland (H) D 1-1 (F) 1 goal
23/02/66 v West Germany (H) W 1-0 (F)
02/04/66 v Scotland (A) W 4-3 (HC)
29/06/66 v Norway (A) W 6-1 (F) 1 goal
03/07/66 v Denmark (A) W 2-0 (F)
05/07/66 v Poland (A) W 1-0 (F)
11/07/66 v Uruguay (H) D 0-0 (W.Cup)
16/07/66 v Mexico (H) W 2-0 (W.Cup)
20/07/66 v France (H) W 2-0 (W.Cup)
23/07/66 v Argentina (H) W 1-0 (W.Cup)
26/07/66 v Portugal (H) W 2-1 (W.Cup)
30/07/66 v W.Germany (H) W 4-2 a.e.t. (W.Cup)
22/10/66 v N.Ireland (A) W 2-0 (ECQ)
02/11/66 v Czech (H) D 0-0 (F)

16/11/66 v Wales (H) W 5-1 (ECQ)


15/04/67 v Scotland (H) L 3-2 (ECQ)
24/05/67 v Spain (H) W 2-0 (F)
27/05/67 v Austria (A) W 1-0 (F)
21/10/67 v Wales (A) W 3-0 (ECQ)
22/11/67 v N.Ireland (H) W 2-0 (ECQ)
06/12/67 v USSR (H) D 2-2 (F)